As we no longer issue booking form please ensre that you read the notes below as they are designed to assist you in using the shop.
  1. How do I used the shop?

    1. It is very simple to use our shop. What you must remember is that each item that you would normally find on our booking form is an individual product on the shelf of the shop.
    2. If say you want to book for Saturday and you require coach travel, morning visit, buffet lunch including Lunch and mid-afternoon tea/coffee, attendance at the meeting and the evening dinner then you need to find all five products in the shop. They are listed chronologically left to right, top to bottom so that it flows.
    3. Each time you add an item to the cart you will be returned to the product options screen. Even if you only want to book things at no cost you can still use the shop.
    4. Although there is an option to sign into your account on the main pages you won't be able to do that on the first occasion you use the shop. You can't register for your account until you get to the checkout so put all that you want to into the "Cart" and then when everything you want is in there "View Cart" and then go to "Checkout".
  2. I only want to attend the meeting can I still book through the shop?

    1. Yes, of course you can, all you need to do is go to the shop and add the "Meeting Attendance" item to your cart. You must still check out your cart for it to be registered and it would be helpful if you would please select the "Telephone" option at the checkout. This will generate an acknowldegement for you and will send the details to us. No further action is required.
  3. I am not confident using online facilities can you process the booking if I phone you?

    1. Yes, of course we can, simply call us on 0845 834 0996 or if you prefer via our switchboard on 0800 756 5111 x950 and we will deal with the booking for you.
  4. In the past I have experienced delays getting my invoice through so that I can claim monies from the organisation I represent?

    1. The good news is that is a thing of the past. Using our online shop means that you get a VAT invoice on checkout. No further invoices will be sent so you need to make sure you keep this copy safe. As long as you give us a valid e-mail address you invoice is generated immediately you checkout on the system. 
  5. My Company would prefer to book by Purchase Order?

    1. This is new feature that we are now able to offer to our Corporate Members and one of the options at checkout is to pay by Purchase Order. When you checkout the system produces an invoice which you simply need to pass to your Finance Team for payment.You need to ensure that we receive your payment in good time for the meeting as your booking is not complete until payment is received.
  6. What happens at Checkout?

    1. This is perhaps the most important part of the whole process. We need other infomration from you so this is where we need to collect it.
    2. As you need an e-mail address to receive your acknowledgement/invoice you will need to phone the helpline if you do not have e-mail.
    3. Where we ask for details of who is attending please try and give as much information as possible. We need to know this information to help with the booking but also to produce your delegate badges (so please put here what you want to appear on the badges - if you are Kenneth but called Ken please put Ken):- e.g.
      1. John Smith, General Manager, Anytown Railway attending meeting only
      2. Peter Jones, Health & Safety Officer, Anytown Railway attending meeting and dinners
      3. Fred Edwards, Chairman, Anytown Railway attending meeting and dinners
      4. Ken Brown, Chief Engineer, Anytown Railway attending meeting only
    4. There is also a box in which to enter your HRA account number. This will have been shown on previous invoices. Don't worry if you don't know it as we will find it ourselves. At some point we will advise you of your account number to be entered in future please. Friends of HRA please note that your account number is not the membership number issued each year by the Friends Secretary when you renew.
    5. Once you have completed all the boxes you then need to simply select your method of payment. There are five options in total:
      1. Paypal/Credit & Debit Cards
      2. Pay via Bank Transfer (you will need to login to your own bank and send payment)
      3. Pay by cheque (once you have completed the checkout please send your cheque)
      4. Pay by phone (This is generally only used by us and for NIL value bookings)
      5. Pay by Purchase Order (This facility is only available to Corporate Members)
  7. Why is there no longer an option to have just mid-afternoon tea/coffee at the meeting?

    1. We have removed this option as it was very rarely used and the amount of administration to have it separate was disproportionate to the number of people booking. As a result we have now combined the catering options for meetings and it will either be "with catering" or "without catering" in future. At many of the venues we use you are able to purchase refreshments at some point during the day if you need to. On occasions when there is no facility on site you can always find something outside during the lunch break.